Company History.

The history of the enterprise dates to June 2010, when the government of the Republic of Karelia and the wood processing mill Kalevala signed an investment agreement.

Kompakt, JSC (Saint-Petersburg) is the shareholder and customer-contractor of the mill. The company is well-known in the field of industrial and civil building. Czech Export Bank, LLC participates in financing of the project as well.

The Czech building company «PSJ, a.s.» is the general building contractor. For this company DOK Kalevala has become the most large-scale project.

PIC Consulting Company, JSC (Saint-Petersburg) is the general planner. The company profile is a complex planning of enterprises in the field of forestry, pulp and paper, and wood processing industries.

SIGNY GROUP is the planner. This project and consulting company operates in the field of industrial and civil building, telecommuting systems and energy.

The German company «Siempelkamp» is in charge of equipment delivery and contract supervision. The company is a leader in the international market of equipment delivery and production of wood and board materials.

Nowadays the wood processing mill Kalevala is one of the greatest domestic manufacturers of oriented strand board (OSB).

At launch of the first line, production capacity of the mill amounts to 300 thousand cubic meters per year, raw material consumption amounts to 600 thousand cubic meters of pulpwood per year.

The technology of continuous pressing is currently the most progressive one and contributes to achieving qualitative, sustainable and competitive products of low consumption of materials. The wood processing mill Kalevala produces the OSB board, which satisfies the highest requirements of environmental safety for building materials.

Owing to modern and high-technology equipment, the mill produces boards of various types and sizes including rabbeted ones (“tongue-and-groove» system). The characteristics of the products comply with the European standard ЕN-300-2006 («Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) - Definitions, classification and specifications»).

Non-waste production minimizes the negative impact on the environment. Bark, wood fraction and other wood waste are burned in the energy centre with capacity of 50MW, and thus substantially optimize their own energy consumption. The equipment of the German company «Scheuch», with purification of the wasted gas and the use of moist electrical filter, complies with the highest European environmental standards.

The wood processing mill applies the modern methods of the organization of the production process, observing the highest industry standards.

The products are put under strict quality inspection to satisfy the requirements of safety and sustainability.

Nowadays the wood processing mill Kalevala is one of the greatest domestic manufacturers of oriented strand board (OSB).



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